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De-cluttering... An update!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my attempts at having a little de-clutter and how it wasn't going too smoothly.  You can read about it here (Minimalist mind, hoarder at heart) if you like.

It seems I wasn't alone in my cluttered quandary and many of you have similar battle between the clean and streamlined and maintaining the homely feel, whilst finding a way to deal with just too much stuff.  It seems the balance isn't always easy to find.  I was relieved to hear some of you could also identify with having a child who hates to throw anything away.  (So glad not to be alone on that!)

You also were able to give me some good tips, so thank you very much for that!  A few of you have enough space to box up and store things that fall into that 'not sure I can chuck' pile.  I like this idea and will do this, if I can free up some space in the loft.  (Currently full of Little Miss cast-offs).

Jennifer mentioned a 'bite-sized' approach, just tackling a little …

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